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I am a lighting specialist for film, television, and live performances.
My skills run the gamut across various projects that employ light as a major aspect of storytelling and design. Years of experience positions me to seamlessly transition between mediums, both horizontally and vertically within the lighting department while constantly allowing for greater development of an artistic and philosophical skill set. More than a job, I believe storytelling is about creating and working with a team towards an overall goal that confronts challenges and evokes the best possible results through, team work, individual determination, and positive attitudes to create synergy.
Lighting is the foundation for storytelling which my work ethic, perseverance, and future are anchored. Continuing education of lighting and camera with the ability to implement new material into real world experience is his process of how to methodically create a frame, be it live or filmed, and light the frame with intent and meaning. This results in determination to consistently learn more, and contribute more to a team.
I am currently working in various mediums across multiple countries with lighting as the primary focus. Gaffing features, television series, and commercials, plus Lighting Design for live and theatrical performances. In my spare time I also shoot still photography.