Luca Lanzini LinkedIn profile

My name is Luca Lanzini, I have been working in the lighting field for almost 15 years. I started my career in the theatre industry, where my duties were: lighting Technician, director of stage and stagehand. Since 2007 I have been working both in the TV and live shows, as a Light designer, console operator, media server operator on a freelance basis. I have experience on a large variety of managing systems and programs. I’ve specialised in the use of Whole Hog console by High Ends, Spark e Sabre by Compulite. After achieving a good knowledge of lighing devices, I have decided to enhance my portfolio, adding to my knowledge the use of media servers for video projection and led walls management; focusing on Catalyst Pixel Mad by SAMSC and experimenting the use of other softwares like Pandoras Box by Coolux.

I gained my technical expertise directly on the field, which I believe it to be crucial to manage every aspect of lighting design. I firmly believe that thanks to today’s technology, lighting can be used as a new communication tool in order to highlight every aspect in every field. Finally lighting can be that extra boost in the entrainment business and also in everyday life. A movie, a show, a concert, as well as a shop, an office, a restaurant, a house can be way more comfortable, gain sophisticated look and being more comunicative when lit in the right way.