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Lara Elbaz



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My name is Lara Elbaz, I am a self-employed Lighting Designer based in Madrid, Spain. I trained as an Interior Designer and specialized in Lighting Design. I haven’t done anything else since then! Over the years, Light has become my passion. Whether it is natural or artificial light, it’s unexpected always changing nature never ceases to fascinate me, the colours, the shadows, the reflections… its power to change spaces and impact on people.
I believe Light is the ideal tool to improve the experience of the environments in which we live and work and make them healthier, more enjoyable, comfortable, exciting and sustainable. In my projects I work to enhance the experience of space and add emotional content to provoke conscious and unconscious responses in users. They are based on specific principles, which, in addition to meeting the necessary technical and functional needs, integrate subjective, psychological and emotional elements as well as proved biological factors, that result in complete and harmonious environments, essential for the wellbeing of people.
As Lighting Designers, we bring complete solutions to projects thanks to a multidisciplinary training and a global vision. We dedicate our lives to the understanding of light, in all its aspects so not only we understand how it affects the perception of the physical characteristics of a space but also to what extent it can modify moods, induce feeling and emotions and influence human behaviour.
We understand the social, architectural and decorative objectives of a project and translate them through the conscious use of light. This means that our creativity, sensitivity and technical knowledge are at the service of the project, to reveal the space in a certain way and to transmit a coherent final message. In addition, we never forget about the users’ needs so we create the right comfortable environment for each activity. And last, but not least, we bring technical, economic and environmental feasibility to the projects.
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