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My name is Jean-Bapiste Guerlesquin,

I live in Lyon (France), a city renowned for its excellence in the field of urban lighting. For this reason, I studied here town planning and urban lighting. This is photography, that I have been practicing for more than a decade, which has led me to this exciting profession of lighting design.
Working today as an independent, I complete missions of design and technical studies of light projects for cities, in order to bring new nightlife atmospheres. Thanks to the transversal training that I followed, I gained a good understanding of the aesthetic, social, economic and ecological stakes of the urban light. Collaborating punctually with architects, landscapers, engineers, environmental specialists …) is a real added value in my opinion, which I find in the vocation of Kairos Lighting. Sharing its know-how, and international exchange can only be beneficial.

In the hope of enlightening your projects!