Kalisode produces amazing light-shows for corporate events and concerts. We conceive from the very basis the show with our clients, giving them smart solutions and above all outstanding previsualization possibilities.
The show pre-visualization will enable the client to understand and be the compass of our creative process.

Kalisode is able to follow its clients on site and manage the lighting (and sound too if you want to deal with the same process integrator) show, dealing with: electricians, rigging technicians, rental services and stage technicians.

We provide only the event and crew manager and the lighting (and sound) console operator, at the moment we have no other kind of technician in our crew.

Kalisode will take care of choosing the best solution in terms of lighting fixtures and integration systems from the lighting rental services.
We work predominantly with Hog 4 lighting consoles (High End Systems), but we don’t disdain other brands and solutions.

Kalisode is not a rental service, so we do not own any equipment: we always refer to third parties regarding the rental of everything necessary for our show.



Kalisode provides a remote service of console pre-programming (predominantly High End System brand, Hog 4 model).
We build a stage or venue 3D virtual model and we pre-program your console remotely, so once you will have your stage mounted, you will only need to adjust some parameter,  decreasing drastically your show preparation.


This is the 21st century, let’s use the whole package of remoting potentiality that it provides!


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