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We provide well-tailored services of electrical lighting design directed mainly to the B2B customers. We work for architectural studios and engineering business that want to externalize this process to a focused group of lighting specialist.

We are not only lighting designer, we are architects, lighting specifiers, theater lighting designer, sound engineers. We know how to specify electronic controllers, lighting consoles, fixtures and we know how to address motorized RGB fixtures.  Above all, we know how to render a specific feeling through light, we know how to hear our clients’ needs and to transform first in paper and then into light.

Matter changes under different kind of lights, that we know and we show it as possible to our clients.
We are not bound to any manufacturer so we can decide together with our client to specify a higher range of fixture quality as well as a consumer one.
We use to sell the project divided into 3 steps:


– Silver Solution – the project concept

Our concept has a cost that proportionally is higher than the following two project steps. Our project concept includes sketches, lamping typology, plans, sections, diagrams. We include in this product:

#1 interview with the clients. They will browse a portfolio of works and of different solutions, they will fill a small questionnaire about their tastes and habits to better shape the final proposal of the designer. An adequate number of skype meeting between designer and clients will accompany this process to better shape the project.

#1 concept a various numeber of sketches (2d and 3d representation of the space), containing the idea of the designer about what will be the lighting design final effect. It’s allowed up to 2 succssive adjustments to the customer tastes of the project, in order to better meet the expectation of the clients.

#1 plan a drawing containing the detailed indication of the luminaire location (mounting specification) and the generic indication of the kind of luminaire (range of wattage and kind of source).

Obs. A vaste range of interior photos, a walk through video and a scaled floor plan is needed from the clients’ side.


– Golden Solution – The project definition

#1 Silver Solution (see previous offer for details) plus the following specification:

#1 plan with detailed indication of the luminaire location (mounting specification).

#1 booklet with specific indication of the brand of the luminaire, the model of the luminaire, light source, wattage.

#1 verification of lighting standards due to the vision task
Several project details in scale 1/20 – 1/10 – 1/5 where needed
light dimming and basic domotic projects allowed.


– Platinum Solution – Specific needs

#1 Golden project (see previous offer for details) plus the following specification:
Strict time requirements allowed if platinum project is chosen as first option (half of the time of a golden solution, consider always the project time running from concept approvation).
special project allowed (colour changing and video walls integration allowed)

#3 building site follow-up

_Commissioning if required

_Selection of the lighting control system

_Lighting control system design

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