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Daylighting project means:
A project that will lead the architect/engineer/customer to improve the energetic efficiency of your building, a project that will allow you (together with a wise use of the electric lighting) to pursue a LEED or BREEAM certification, a project that will prevent glare phenomena into your structure, last but not least a project that will add to your space the beauty of the best light, the sunlight.

We provide three different levels of in-depth design, according to the client’s needs.




– Silver Solution – the project concept

In this solution, Kalisode provides a building concept to direct the choices of the customer, a local climate study based on the variables collected by the nearest weather station to the project site and a variables analysis of all the possible pro and cons.








– Golden Solution – The project definition

Building Orientation, Window orientation, Surface coloring, Surface material, Anti-glare planning, Shading devices planning, Building thermic gain.
In the project we calculate your best solution dealing with the following metrics:
LEED v4 Scorecard, Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE), Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA), Daylighting Factor, Daylight Autonomy (DA), Continuous Daylighting Autonomy (cDA), Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI), Luminance grid, Illuminance grid, Daylight Glare Probability, False Colour Renderings,
















– Platinum Solution – Specific needs

If your project is already at the last stage of evolution and you will boost some feature we can calculate or specify for your project the following: Shading Electronic Controls, Enegry Savings Budgeting, Glazing selection, Integration with electric lighting, Daylighting and Domotics.














If you are a professional who needs only a light support from our team, you know what you need to reach your professional goal, so you can send us a 3d file of your project (Autocad / Sketchup / Revit / Rhinoceros are equally accepted) and we will calculate the metrics that you need for your project:

_LEED v4 Scorecard
_Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE)
_Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA)
_Daylighting Factor
_Daylight Autonomy (DA)
_Continuous Daylighting Autonomy (cDA)
_Useful Daylight Illuminance (UDI)
_Luminance grid
_Illuminance grid
_Daylight Glare Probability
_False Colour Renderings




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