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– CUSTOM SCRIPTING in order to create complex architectural shapes

– DRAFTING architectural, lighting and engineering BiM models



– CLASH TEST between MEP installation and architecture/structures

A network company: what does it mean?

We have entered the 21st century and we need to empower the changes of a different technology era.
Today working in networks of know-how is a must, not just an option.

Which are those changes?

We do not to work side by side anymore: we work connected. We can offer more elastic services based on the “pay as you go”. Our office is the world.

What does it mean more specifically?

Kalisode works with a “network” of independent professional spread world-wide.
We do not have a secretary, nor a cleaning company. Our decisional tree is the flattest possible.
Decisions are faster and assessed by a network of professionals who are very specific in their knowledge.

The working knowledge has reached a specification that is not anymore obtainable by the competences of just one person,
you need to have a collective of people with deep knowledge in their fields (BiM architectural, BiM structural, architectural lighting design, daylighting)

Working in a network means that somebody in the globe has this specialization we need, at this moment.
Most important: our customers do not have to pay for hidden company costs (in classical company associative form there is always somebody who is slightly under-employed or who is not as specific as he or she should, these costs build-up the client’s bill).

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