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Who we are and what we do


Kalisode Network is a BIM SERVICE PROVIDER to architectural, engineering and construction enterprises which need an external crew to boost their PRODUCTIVITY in a specific job or SOLUTIONS regarding multidisciplinary BIM aspects.

These are the BiM services we offer:

CUSTOM SCRIPTING in order to create complex architectural shapes
DRAFTING architectural, lighting and engineering BiM models
QUANTITY TAKE-OFF to calculate your project’s amounts
5D SIMULATIONS: define who, where and when will perform an activity
BiM ONLINE COURSES: become an asset for your company, upgrade your skills


Are you interested in taking yourself to the next level of BiM?

Use one of our courses to unfold new skills and NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES!

For you, hiring our design team means having the possibility of enriching culturally and strategically your team with a partner connected with you either directly on place or more often remotely via internet.

In us, you will find efficient professionals who enjoy being your counsellors and team players.