This project consisted of a sound reinforcement for speech and Audio/Video contributions. Thanks mainly to the absence of a great amount of lower frequencies to amplify we could specify a lower number of subwoofer.In the conference hall we hanged to an existing stage truss two line arrays of 6 speakers.
The two arrays were only 8 meters distant from each other, due to the constraint of the lighting fixtures already present on that truss. Every array was composed of 6 speakers, 5 out of 6 had an horizontal aperture of 80° while the lowest had an aperture of 120° to reach better the nearest audience. Furthermore we placed two frontfill speakers at one meter from the ground level aligned with the stage edge and two outfill speakers aligned with the projection screen. We designed so a project in which we used at its best the existing truss structure and completed with a tripod disposition of movable emitters.