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This project is dealing with a refurbishment of an appartment in Rome (Italy). What we performed it was a corageous painting and lighting plan of the apartment. The main bedroom is painted with apple green and light indigo. This cospicuous amount of colour is then worked through three different kind of “white subtractions”.

The first white subtraction happens at a framing level, every wall is edged with a white frame, which is basically a non-colour-painted area at its margins.
The second white subtraction happens thanks to the white painting frames, one appliance (air-conditioning) and the lighting fixtures itself (designed by the Italian manufacturer: Karman).
The third white subtraction is due to the lighting sources which “burn” the tint up to the white in the first centimetres around them.

We installed in the bathroom a series of exposed fluorescent tubes ( fixtures designed by the Austrian manufacturer: Molto Luce). A couple of fixtures are completely exposed next to the mirror and convey with a 4000K white a proper colour temperature for the make-up without glaring. Behind the rustic interwoven hemp is half hidden a 2 meter long fixture with fluorescent seamless tubes exposed. This fixture is really a long blade of light!
We decided to use this extra long fixture as a fill-in lighting, but also as a sign, a feature. Entering the bathroom the curtain filter the 2m long light source so you easily look at it, then the room corner (walls are white rough plastered) few centimetre far away works as a light cove diffusing a very gentle light. The light intensity of this feature can easily be varied by folding two or three curtain layer together or exposing more the light source.



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