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LIGHTING – Villa Galli



The lighting design for Villa Galli took place in a rustic country house in the north of Rome. The Venue main hall was a former industrial oil mill, reconverted to a conference and meeting centre.

The team was composed by the creative director, two lighting designers one lighting and sound operator and a sound designer.
The lighting concept was composed of an artificial sky (we called it: primary fill-in light) which washed the ceiling with a gamut of colours which followed the daylight natural CCT. This colour shift updated the colour temperature with 30′ steps to better follow the outside conditions.
The key lights were industrial pendants which did the colour shift, but always with a 1000K warmer CCT.
A secondary fill-in light was made by candle-light which blended the primary fill-in and the keylights.

At night the ceiling took a early night sky colour and the primary fill-in lights turned into a 2300K CCT. The meeting had a set of 5 moving-heads projectors which made the specials, follow spot for the singer and lighting scenario for the dance moment during the meeting.

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