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LIGHTING – Victoria University – Canada

LIGHTING – Victoria University – Canada

Our electric lighting project takes in great consideration two aspects of this new reading room at the University of Victoria. The first element is the beauty of the laminated timber structure. With the use of projectors which are all external to the pyramid we grant the absence of hanging fixtures and avoid the need to pass electric lines along the inner side of the pyramid wooden carpentry. The triangular truss of the pyramid grants a louver and a dark light effect to the long projector array positioned on the outer side of the new structure.

Every of the Hubbel Lighting projectors is equipped with itsown louver in order to maintain the UGR (Unified Glare Rate) value low as desired. If the main client is interested we can propose a system of auto-dimming of the electric lighting through luminosity sensor set outside the pyramid, in order to optimize the energy-saving effect due to the reading room glazed shelter. The second element of importance is creating homogeneous and pleasant lighting under the corridors around the pyramid hall.

Under each of those four long corridors, there is a reading space composed by either couches or tables and chairs. Each space has an array of bulkheads which is built 17 inches apart and distant 3 inches from the lateral wooden beams.

We have designed an indirect and seamless lighting thanks to an open aluminium profile which fills the gap between two adjacent bulkheads and is used as a reflector for the indirect lighting. Three led strips are set inside each reflector system: two upwards aimed and one sideways. Another fixture type set on the ceiling is a linear LED fixture by Jesco Lighting Group which runs parallel to the side beams. This has a frosted diffuser in order not to glare the readers under it. Its purpose is to enhance space unity and linearity.

Finally, two opposing architectural projectors by Erco, have the task of high-lighting the artwork placed on the pedestal in the center of the space.

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