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Thanks to the analysis of the data files of the typical meteorological year (TMY) data sets derived from the 1961-1990 and 1991-2005 National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB) archives, we are able to simulate the results of the solar exposition of this project (image n.2) and its beautiful laminated timber facility.
The results of this brief study only take in consideration the lighting analysis and not the energy and thermal radiance aspects.

What emerges is that even considering the many overcast skies days present in this region of British Columbia (Victoria , UVIC campus 48N27.85 Р123W23.80), the number of hours in which the illuminance values rise above 2000 lux are far too many to grant a visual task without a remarkable glare effect.
The UDI РUseful Daylight Illuminance Рdoes not correspond to the values requested from the LEED standards for the economic use of the daylighting. The scope of this work is, if not to reach, to get as close as possible to the desired situation described by the LEED standards.

One proposal of the Kairos Lighting Design and Photography team is to add a shading device which can help to lower the direct sun. This device was considered to be a multi-layered and spatially fragmented fabric to intercept the excess of luminous flux. The idea of the proposal is to continue the metaphor of the magnolia tree that was once residing in the place of the reading hall.
We have followed the same ‚Äúgrammar‚ÄĚ of the abstract green glass triangles present in the glazing. The customer¬†is free to modify this proposal and the appearance of the fabric filter, we suggest although to add a fabric filter¬†in between the user and the light source.

Another possible solution to the abundance of illuminance present in the project is the use of a glazing with an outer high reflectance coating. This will increase the reflectivity index until it reaches a good solstice/equinox balance in term of light quantity. This kind of solution implies too that the whole set of inner façades of the patio will have a sun mirror effect from the pyramid.
Consequently, a Venetians blind shading system should be added to the whole inner side of the patio windows.


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