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CONTEST – Urban Lightscape –

KAiros LIghting + SOund DEsign took part at this international contest for ideas.
The contest specific aim was redesign the urban lighting of an entire historical block in Rome called E.U.R.

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO from Ottopiuotto Creative Studio

In our proposal beyond taking care of the road-lighting, we designed a lighting system dedicated to the most representative buildings in the area, a info system and a responsive system with dynamic and RGB coloured lighting.

Apart from the monumental and architectural lighting, our team developed a feature for the cultural & happenings news about the E.U.R. block. A sequence of video projections on the INA buildings façades at Marconi square would inform the visitors about what, when and where the most important events are taking place

Not only this is dynamic but a RGB lighting event was designed to wash as a wave the entire block along its monumental axis.
So this wave starting from the north-end of the block would light one by one the selected monuments for forty seconds up to get to the south-end of E.U.R. The block would enjoy this light-show for twenty minutes every Saturday and Sunday at midnight.

We believe that light dresses the building and so we follow the belief that it is a desirable attitude to enter into contact with the coloured side of lighting once a week, when life is desirably lighter and playful, an event, a daydream… by night.




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