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Gherk heights

BIM development of a 48 storey high-rise building

This parametric model comprises 45 floors and a core central wall; adopting a Tubular structural system with supporting Truss systems serving as ties and bracings to adjoining structural frame elements; to resist lateral loads. 60% of supporting columns were slanted, all floors were made unique in geometry, and facade systems were load-bearing.

A combination of Dynamo for Revit DesignScript programming language and Python scripts was utilized to create the geometry form and to evaluate a huge number of building parameters that resulted in the eye-catching view of the 45-floor skyscraper. Both Architectural and Structural 3D models were developed via design automation with Dynamo for Revit. A special feature of this design is the twisting structural columns and supporting trusses at the facade of the building model.

After successfully coming up with a consistent 3D model of the 45-floor skyscraper, we went further to check the integrity of the model by carrying out a structural analysis of the model using the SoFisTik analysis and design suite.

Structural sub-systems were created at critical sections of the structural model to optimize the model performance and response to temporal and permanent loads by modifying the model sectional sizes and strengths.

Automating the design of every model element to relevant standards was achieved using the SoFisTik Design suite.

Reinforcement Modelling and Detailing was achieved using the CAD RC 3D suite

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