Parasnath is a place of mountains and rivers but it’s also one of the few Indian regions untouched by education. This district has only 33% of literacy and still apart from technology and development. As in India school represents an education temple so our idea belongs to nature, where everyone can feel comfort, peace and learn from the simple things. The project is sustained by natural elements like bamboo, green roof, adobe bricks and sunlight.

Our goal is to give them the world-class knowledge in a place where they can feel welcomed as in a village. Sunlight in a primary school is an important player, our project is designed to reach the daylighting autonomy up to 93% of the occupied hours. The whole outer wall is done by a three-layered glass fiber fabric which is letting filtering in a 10% of the incident light, then nearly sixty mini skylights and four inner courtyards let the children play in a daylit place while they are at school, once the bell rings they are free to spend their time outside playing in our “structural bamboo forest”. The adobe raw brick is instead the material of which is made the 30cm pedestal on which the whole structure rests.

Within the building the served parts are represented by the school classrooms. The servant spaces are dedicated to administrative works, infirmary and library.
Also, the walls of the inner classrooms are made by fibre-glass fire rated fabrics, which can be wrapped and let more than half of the school surface turn into a single open-space for multi-functionality purposes (e.g. yoga classes).