Bridge on Skarregak fjord


Kalisode Network has decided to share this content with the public on the development phases of our Steel Bridge BIM project.

An exciting characteristic of this bridge is its composite nature; that is, it combines the functionality of both steel and concrete structural elements well harnessed to produce a robust structure.

This post focuses on the modelling of rebars for the bridge piers; which serves a very functional role in the safety and robustness of the bridge as a whole. A brief detail of the bridge pier is shown in the document associated with this post.

Credits go to SOFiSTiK AG for their powerful solution #SofistikBridge; as this played a major role in the development of the project.


The second part of our publication discusses briefly the build-up of the composite bridge components such as the bridge decks, plate girders, bolted connections, shear studs and the reinforced pile caps.

Modelling of the pile cap rebars takes into consideration building regulations as it relates to structural engineering. As a major tool during the reinforcement development process, Autodesk#Revit was very instrumental in providing adequate tools to achieve our goals.

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