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Classes purpose: The course aim is the mastering of basics and also more advanced solid modelling, parametric control and quantity calculation with REVIT 2020.

At the end of the program, the student will have drafted their prefab house project in BiM using prefab x-lam techniques. The course must also provide the student with basic knowledge and understanding of how BiM is used within the AEC industry. The BiM course will have a focus on industrial construction, prefabricated wooden building systems and efficient production.

The aim of the program is that after completion, the student should have the following knowledge, skills and competencies.

The classes provide knowledge in:
-LoD (Level of Development) BIM Development level.
-LoG (Level of Geometry) Modeling development level.
-LoI (Level of Information) Information development level.
-Categories, Families and types elements.
-Basic principles for parametric control.
-Basic principles for Revit computing power.
-Prefabricated wooden building systems within BiM.

After the classes, the student should have skills in:
-Create sketches and extrusions to model construction details.
-Create walls, stairs, ceilings, windows and floors etc.
-Create assemblies using parties.
-Create elements at the right distance in between them and setting aligned dimension
-Reinforce a simple concrete footing
-Use some simple steel form and steel connection
-Install and use a plug-in for Revit for X-lam wooden structures
-Create sections and facades.
-Insert BIM elements downloaded from corporate websites.
-Manage visibility of BiM information warehouse.

After completing the course, the student must have the competence to plan and model simpler constructions, building components and building parts, generate construction drawings of these and be able to create configurations to handle variants of a BiM product.

The knowledge that the course and skills that the course provides must give the student competence to work after approximately 500 hours of additional internship, as a BIM specialist in construction consultants, construction contractors etc.

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