Developing a script to automate the placement of floors and walls didn’t come easy. A lot of iterations were involved trials and errors until we came to a final solution.

After bringing the model into Dynamo for Revit, a number of design parameters and goals were outlined before progressing into converting dynamo geometries to Revit elements. Some of those goals were to adopt balconies with perforated grids which would allow the passage of sunlight, Curtain wall systems at a 3-meter offset from the edge of each floor (each floor being unique in shape), and glass railings at the tip of each floor balcony. All these we needed to achieve all in one script.

To achieve these set design goals, the Revit floors were first automated and then split using a custom package in dynamo that references the Revit API. After the floor splitting, we created the wall reference curves by offsetting the floor outline curves at the specified value of 3 meters.