In the case of our skyscraper project where we have every column slanted at 25 degrees to the centroid of the building, columns do not only transfer vertical loads but also resist twisting/torsional loads due to high-end moments generated by its slanted nature. It is almost impossible to accurately model slanted columns around the shell of such an edifice as this skyscraper due to its irregular-shaped façade. But the design concept has to be maintained.

The structural beams and framing functioned as part of the rigid frame structural system we adopted for the skyscraper.

We had to go parametric by using Dynamo (a visual programming tool) and Python to map out the building’s shell and create slanted geometry intersections at 3 meters offset from the shell’s surface. Although very complex, it was the only route we could have taken to make our design come to life. Programming tools used during conceptualization includes; Dynamo for Revit as Visual programming platform and Python for Dynamo to automate complex tasks and create organized model data in Dynamo