The process for Architecture

The complex shape of the skyscraper posed a challenge in creating a Building Information Model for the edifice. This we could not do manually with out-of-the-box tools in any BIM compliant software package. Hence, we ventured into design computation and automation using Dynamo for Revit. The workflow is explained below.

The workflow from Rhinoceros 3D to Autodesk Revit is such that the model data from Rhino was mined into Revit using Dynamo as a funnel. A useful Dynamo package for this workflow is Rhynamo. Geometry surfaces, lines, poly curves, meshes, and boundary meshes can be brought into Dynamo for Revit using the Rhynamo package. After this, we kickstarted the automation process in Revit.

The workflow in dynamo started with importing the rhino geometry using a node from the Rhynamo package. Extract the floor layers from the available list of layers. The floor outline curves were extracted from the floor layers. These outline curves were used to create levels in Revit.

In summary, every process involved in the conversion of the Rhino model to a Revit model was automated.