It was 2019 when Kalisode Network moved its first steps towards a skyscraper design.

We wanted at first to participate to a contest in which we could be able to confront to this huge theme.

Often designing an high-rise it is limited to designing the craziest envelope ever, deliberately dropping all the structural reasons, not caring about installations and inner architectural values. A skyscraper can be the eye-candiest of the exercises, we decided instead to create a journey with our students, being honest with them, admitting our errors and change of mind, showing the B possibilities which could have resulted in another good solution.

We decided to give space to lighting and to the daylighting, providing the best effect possible for two of our five senses.

Living in Rio de Janeiro means having an access to natural beauty which envolves vision, touch, hearing parfume and taste as well.

So all this nature can provide to you and we decided to emulate nature, bringing to everyone in the building this possibility, and to our students too.

The building is wrapped around by a blossoming and twitting nature. These plants (Bougainvillea, Philodendron and passion flower) will protect the users from the irradiation eccess, but at the same time will provide value bringing them birds (one Itatiaia or a Finch, or maybe a Black-headed Berryeater, sometimes a Wild Toucans) and butterflies (one Aphrissa Fluminensis or a Eueides Isabella Dianassa).

Continuing within the landscape sensibility, Kalisode Network’s main goal is to achive a building which will merge with nature, how?

Let’s go to Ipanema beach to try to understand that!

So have you ever been at Ipanema in the late afternoon for a game of fute-volley, for sunbathing or simply to drink some água de coco looking at the sun setting behind the mountains?

If the answer is so, then you have noticed when you were there in person, maybe you have never been there but you have got one postcard or maybe a Whatsapp from a friend of: Dois irmãos.

Dois irmãos (the two brothers) are a pair of high hills or low mountains which are very close and similar in shape and height, both very smooth and green, being so close that the inhabitant imagination labelled them as “Brothers”.

Well our building wants to be the third of these brothers, meaning that we want to be so natural, smooth, high and harmonious as the first two. We want our skyscraper to seem something that has always been there, entering in a dialogue with the Rio’s most beautiful hills top.