Três irmãos – Skyscraper Project


To achieve sustainability and comfort in a built environment, solar radiation analysis on building projects is very important. We are working towards a sustainable building with our skyscraper project.

The major tools used for analysis are #Rhinoceros3D, #Grasshopper as the visual programming tool and #Ladybug as an extension.


Ladybug imports standard EnergyPlus Weather files (.EPW) into Grasshopper and Dynamo. It provides a variety of 2D and 3D interactive climate graphics that support the decision-making process during the early stages of design.

Ladybug also supports the evaluation of initial design options through solar radiation studies, view analyses, sunlight-hours modelling, and more. Integration with visual programming environments allows instantaneous feedback on design modifications and a high degree of customization.

The whole process is aimed at finding out the total solar radiation on the skyscraper at different times of a solar day, at a specific date and month of the year.

Project Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil