Tr̻s irṃos РSkyscraper Project


Today, we present an overview of our recent skyscraper project from planning through conceptual design and to detailed design.

The Sky-Hive project is a complex shaped sky-scraper project with 72-floor levels brought to life by a combination of various workflows; such as #planning and #conceptualization with #Rhinoceros3D, #BIM authoring with #Revit and building shape parametrization with complex #programming and design #automation tools like #Dynamo, #Grasshopper and #Python scripting, amongst others.

As a focal point for this publication, we established an external shell structure (exo-skeleton) that best represents the culture and design intent of the sky-scraper, at the same time preserving its #aesthetics.

By design, exterior structural steel columns were made #slanted with each having an angle of 15 degrees away from the centroid of the building.

Each floor level has a unique shape and is designed to reveal #cracks in the building for #daylighting solutions.

The overall external structure was designed as structural #steel excluding the floors.