This is the Eurovision Song Contest 2018,
43 countries competed in Lisbon, Portugal, to get the award of the best song of the year and it is here that you can watch one of the best light-shows year-wise!

The lighting design by Florian Wieder and set design by Jerry Appelt rendered this show unique.

Eight circles were hanging over the audience and a custom-built wooden background was the setting where the show took place.

Jerry Appelt used wisely light LED technology more than video-walls, which is today the mainstream trend.
He specified over 2,000 lighting fixtures and used around 150,000 and 300 universes.

Ola Melzig Head of Production declared too – The almost 800 fixtures from Ayrton gave Jerry an important addition to his toolbox, enabling him to create a magnificent,
multi-layered design that was absolutely needed to master this beast without having LED screens or any other
video canvas in our set up , and guess what, we did not miss video for a second of the whole eight hours of
spectacular broadcasts we created in the wonderful city of Lisbon.-

Appelt declared – I was looking to create dimension,
not just from my fixture positioning but also from the feature set of each fixture itself, I also wanted consistency of output and colour across every part of the stage –

351 Ayrton MagicPanel-FX were positioned on a custom structure

on the backwall.










112 Ayrton Ghibli luminaires were the key lights rigged on the balcony fronts above the audience.









96 Ayrton MiniPanel-FX fixtures were embedded around the sloping front of the main stage, facing the audience.










30 Ayrton MagicDot-SX fixtures gave mid-air effects together with a global outline of the catwalk.










750 Claypaky Arc and LED moving heads were on the rig as keylights and followspots, plus 100 pieces of ADB asymmetric cyc LED.

ADB asymmetric cyc LED








Clay Paky Axcor 900








Clay Paky mythos 2









Clay Paky scenius unico


600 GLP units outlined the eight scenic rings.









 262 GLP JDC1 hybrid strobes were used to wash audience and the arena ceiling.









So this was an idea of the complexity staged for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, we believe that this will help to appreciate better the work of hundreds of operators, creatives and manager who worked hard to make this show happen.

Enjoy light and music!