This is a fantastic service that the Columbia University of New York gives out freely for everybody:
a panoramic 360° sequence of images of some very interesting and peculiar architectures.

Not anybody has had the possibility to travel so far away, and for some of us, this is the only chance to experience in an augmented reality space. I need to say that it is amazing if you can project this 360° images on a white wall and watch them in a sufficiently big scale to feel yourself in this place. It is a good approximation of reality.

This time we are having a look at a “daylighting temple” the Notre-Dame-Du-Haut , built in Ronchamp (1950-54) by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier.
Its plasticity and space conception is underlined by the use of natural light and wall thickness, masses and voids which alternatively bumps in and out the original volume of the temple.
Almost everywhere in the world, you will find buildings inspired by this one. We architects have studied every corner (better to say in this case: every bend) of this temple.

what the world knows about Ronchamp

What the world Doesn’t know about Ronchamp



General map with all the other views



The exteriors