Kalisode Network

Who we are and what we do


Kalisode Network was founded in 2016. Since then the network has gathered a variety of professionals within BIM and lighting design fields.

We work as a BIM service provider to architectural, engineering and construction enterprises which need an external crew to boost their productivity in a specific job or SOLUTIONS regarding multidisciplinary BIM aspects.

























– CUSTOM SCRIPTING in order to create complex architectural shapes

– DRAFTING architectural, lighting and engineering BiM models



– CLASH TEST between MEP installation and architecture/structures

For you, hiring our design team means having the possibility of enriching culturally and strategically your team with a partner connected with you either directly on place or more often remotely via internet.

In us, you will find efficient professionals who enjoy being your counsellors and team players.

These are the BiM services we offer:


Dear BiM passionate, do you know how to build a real I-girder STEEL BRIDGE? We will explain it on a regular basis on our NEWSLETTER. The model you are now about to receive within your NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION has been designed during 135 hours and has a total value of 1580€, for you free only until: 2021-05-28.SUBSCRIBE Kalisode Network NEWSLETTER !
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